5 Home-Starts supporting 500 families and 1,700 children across Greater Manchester. Our volunteers support families in their own homes in situations as diverse as isolation, depression, multiple births, poverty and disability.

Building Futures
A short film made for Home-Start Trafford Salford and Wigan highlighting the impact Home-Start has on three families, and with the help of corporate engagement, the charity could help even more families needing support.

Telling Their Stories - The Podcasts

In 2015, the five Greater Manchester Home-Starts embarked on a project that highlighted the journey's that Home-Start families went on with their volunteers.Told through their own eyes, 'Telling Their Stories' comprised of a short documentary and a series of photo essays.

In 2018, 'Telling Their Stories' has been re-visited, four brave and inspiring Home-Start families have shared their own journeys through a series of podcasts. Told in their own words, Paul, Anita, Katie and Nafisa give an insight into life in 2018, living in Greater Manchester. From raising three children as a single dad, through to the experiences of being an asylum seeker, dealing with poor mental health and coping with domestic abuse.

Each podcast tells the story of individual resilience, overcoming adversity and importantly the role that Home-Start and their volunteers have played in changing that family's life for the better.

Paul's Story
"I felt like I was drowning, so I Googled support for single dads and Home-Start was the service I chose"
Anita's Story
' "As an Asylum Seeker you lose all control of your own life"
Katie's Story
' "Home-Start were like scaffolding, they held me up when I felt like I was falling"
Nafisa's Story
' "When you work in professional services it's really tough to ask for help when you need it yourself"

Volunteer Army
Watch our short volunteer recruitment film
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"I wish I'd met my Home-Start volunteer sooner. Maybe if I had, my first son wouldn't have been removed and adopted."

A mum supported by Home-Start Manchester